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Rey's Concrete is a Certified General Contractor operating in central and surrounding cities in Florida for over 20yrs. We have accumulated the required knowledge in commercial and residential markets to bid and perform on a wide variety of specialty projects. We are Certified, Licensed, and Insured to perform in the client's best interest. Rey's Concrete started with Rey's passion to build and navigate the challenges presented in construction. Several years later,  Lester joined the team while sharing the same dedication and affection shared by Rey to challenge our company and develop Rey's Concrete into a Certified General Contractor who bids and performs on medium and large-scale projects. We pride ourselves on our solid work ethic and a team of dedicated individuals to build strong relations with our clients.  

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Concrete is one of the most durable materials in construction. It hardens over time and becomes stronger with age. Concrete is easy to pour due to its workability, as it molds into any shape desired. Once placed, it hardens into a rigid mass and begins to gain strength with curing time. Concrete has been used since ancient times, from the Roman empire to the Mayans. Admixtures allow for different applications challenged by the geographical location requirements such as bridges and building near high sulfate areas, low-temperature locations where freezing and thawing is common, and high-strength locations such as public roads, and industrial buildings. Concrete admixtures also offer a wide variety of colors, no more painting and peeling surfaces. Concrete is always changing and adapting to new demands and applications. We work with the largest concrete distribution plants in FL to provide the highest quality concrete.

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Rey's Concrete recognizes that every project is unique and attention to detail is the most valuable asset. From Procurement to Construction Management, we compile all the necessary data associated with the project to have a satisfactory completion date and clients that are pleased with the results. We are not just experienced in our field but are also certified to prove that we can adapt, grow, and innovate.

Common Q & A

Concrete is very low maintenance and also cheap to maintain. Due to its strength and colors, it will look new for years as long as it has been mixed, poured, and jointed properly by a knowledgeable technician. Compared to other exterior materials, concrete is also more budget-friendly due to its workability and availability.




Cement is part of an admixture of concrete. Concrete is made up of several materials causing the binding and curing effect. Cement helps concrete bind and harden over time. Some other materials used in concrete are fine and coarse aggregate, water, chemical, and mineral admixtures.

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Several factors play a key role in determining the price associated with the concrete to be used. Mix designs, concrete color, air entrainment, pump-ability, etc. We also take into account the area in which the pour will be located and if there are slopes, grading, compaction, and obstructions. For an accurate and free estimate give us a call.



The materials used are designed to withstand the harsh environment where they will be used. Concrete can last hundreds of years if mixed and poured correctly. The soil underneath also plays a key role in the concrete's health and appearance. A solid foundation helps and prevents concrete from cracking or settling.

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Licensed, Insured and Certified

A mix design is a mixing portion of concrete associated with its geographical location, the environment it is designed to withstand, and the client's requests such as color, weight rating capacity, workability, and even the final finish texture. Concrete designed for a patio slab near the beach has a different mix design than a patio slab away from the beach. 





Small areas can be purchased in bags of concrete and mixed on-site. The challenge and science of concrete mixing and pouring become more demanding as the Cubic Yards start to grow and the specific requirements to last and withstand harsh environments increase due to water cement ration mixtures, PSI requirements, concrete jointing, and curing.  

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Pavers are an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. Pavers are attractive considering the endless color options and design patterns. Pavers have a non-skid surface which is excellent for exterior applications, they are also low-cost when it comes to maintenance. Pavers can withstand years of use due to their ability to adjust with the ground they are set on as long as it is done correctly by a professional that is experienced in the field.

Interlocking Pavers 

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We are American Concrete Institute (ACI) Certified. The leading authority for the development and proven expertise for individuals and organizations involved in concrete design and construction.

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